File Source/sink

Hi everyone
Quick question… i know GRC can read any file extension i.e. *.txt, but
can i see the data i save on a file sink? to be clear let me try a quick
test… randomsource–>throttle–>filesink…
when i try to see the exit of the random source my gedit says thats it
doesn’t recognize the format…

On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 12:26 PM, Gonzalo Flores De La Parra <
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Basically, you’re writing a binary file, so a text reader won’t know
to do with it (you could use emacs in hexl mode, though).

There are a handful of plotting tools in the current releases of GNU
that you can use, named gr_plot_xxx (where xxx = float, int, iq, const,
etc.). These use scipy.fromfile to read in the binary data.