File source in ASCII

Good afternoon,

I’m new at gnuradio companion. I’m trying to make a system that reads a
file using ‘file source’ and sends it through the usrp. What I’m trying
to send is basically a sequence of 1’s and 0’s. The problem is, if I try
to write for example [11110000]. The file source will think that it is
in ASCII code, so it will translate that as follows: 1-> 49 in decimal
->00110001 in binary, and for 0->48 in decimal ->00110000 in binary. So,
in the end I end up sending a sequence of (00110001 and 00110000)
instead of the original 0’s and 1’s that I was trying to, because I
don’t know how to tell the ‘file souce’ that the data in the file is
already in binary and not in ASCII.

I will be very glad if someone can help me with this

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