File sink

I have an application where I observe real time display of some bands.
What I
want to do is make a FIFO/Buffer where the data can be stored
and with a push button ‘rewind’ I can access the immediate past 15 sec

So basically I want to know how to make a such file sink, which can
just immediate past 15 sec data.

gr_file_sink keeps increasing the size while gr_head stops after taking
fixed number of samples.

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Hello Sumit Kurmar,

this depends on what you want to do with your data, the data rate, and
the amount of effort your willing to make.

  • Easiest solution: Use the “delay” block with a delay of (sample rate)
  • 15s. Advantage: Yields a GNU Radio sample stream that’s delayed by
    15s. Drawback: This can be a large amount of samples, so this might
    actually fail if GNU Radio is not able to allocate a shared buffer
    that’s big enough to hold them; there are ways around that, anyways.
  • Versatile solution: Write your own signal processing block. It’s
    really a simple exercise when done in python or in C++, whatever is the
    language of your choice.
    Just implement a ring buffer of length (sample rate)*15s by keeping an
    input counter that increments (mod length) whenever you copy input
    samples to the internal buffer, and either write a method that returns a
    (linear) copy of the stored data or dumps it to a file or emits it as a
    message or starts pushing it to the output buffer or does whatever your
    application needs.

Happy Hacking,

Marcus… that easiest method gave me for a temporary solution… and I
happy with it for the time being

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