File received problem


I am currently working on transmiting and receiving txt files and images
using 2 USRPN200s.

The flowgraphs are as follow:

TX: File source --> Packet encoder --> GMSK Mod --> multiply const–>
UHD sink.

RX: UHD source --> multiply const --> Low Pass Filter --> GMSK Demod -->
Packet decoder --> File sink.

In this way, I get receive the file, but many of data is lost :S

For example: I transmit a jpg file of 203.3kB and I receive a jpg file
of 92.2kB

So, how can I fix this? And why it happens if USRPs are so
close…(perhaps it’s about the synchronization…I noticed that the
data I lose is always the last bits of the file)

I really appreciate any help