File_column validation ignored

I’m using the file_column plugin to upload a small avatar, but when I
do this:

@user.update_attribute(“picture”, params[:user][:picture])

… it completely ignores the validations I’ve set for the element

validates_file_format_of :picture, :in => [“gif”, “jpg”, “png”]
validates_filesize_of :picture, :in => 1.kilobytes…100.kilobytes

I’m able to upload PDF’s, textfiles, etc., which is ofcourse rather
crappy. I’ve added this to my model, in case you’re wondering:

file_column :picture, :base_url => “images/people”, :filename =>
“picture”, :store_dir => “public/images/people/”,
:magick => {
:size => ‘48x48!’,
:crop => ‘1:1’,
:versions => {
:thumb => {:crop => “1:1”, :size => “16x16!”, :name => “thumb”}

Has anybody else experienced this problem?

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Robert wrote:

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i already had the same problem and i didn’t find a solution.

anybody ?

I’ve tried including validations.rb in my setup, but that also does
not work.

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