File column validates_format_of

Been manually testing file column with success except it seems to upload
the file before validating it. Also .pdf files (which shouldn’t even
validate) crash WEBrick. What am I missing to solve these problems?
(apart from a brain!)

validates_presence_of :title, :file
validates_format_of :file, :with => %r{.(gif|jpg|png)$}i,
:message => “File must end with .jpg, .gif or .png”
file_column :file, :magick => {
:versions => { “thumb” => “100x100”, “medium” => “640x480>” }


It’s my understanding that file_column always uploads the file no matter
what… it puts it in a temp location so that if there are errors on
any of
the other fields, your user won’t need to upload the file again.
Therefore I
don’t think you’ll be able to do what you want to do in quite the way

A quick glance through the file_column docs shows that there is an
parameter that allows you to set extensions, although its actual use is

Your crash is most likely caused because it can’t resize a pdf with