File_column upload empty with different controller

Hello all,

I have a working file_column installation on a Document class. I can
download, and delete files with this class with no problem (using the
documents controller).

The problem comes when I try to upload a file from a different
Specifically, I have a URL ³/users/new" that results in this in the form

<%= file_column_field 'document', 'filename'  %>

or, rendered,

<input id="document_filename_temp" name="document[filename_temp]"

type=“hidden” />

This is identical to how it’s used and rendered in “/documents/new”.

In the controller for “users/create” (which is called from the form), I
exactly what I do in “documents/create”:

@document =[:document])

The document object will get created and the row will get saved in the
table, but there is never a file uploaded. More precisely, the
are always like this:


If I upload the same document from “/documents/new”, the params are like

"document"=>{"filename_temp"=>"", "filename"=>#<StringIO:0x22c64f8>}

I figure that all the cool stuff happens in the model, so it shouldn’t
matter which controller does the uploading. But, I must be missing
something, probably obvious. Any ideas what’s going on?


Are you missing the enctype=“multipart/form-data” on the other form?

D’oh! You’re right, of course. Color me embarrassed. Thanks!