File_column Trying to Create Thumbnails of Non-Image Files?


We use the handy file_column plug-in in some of our apps.

We have a model with a file field and we upload both images and
into this field.

It is specified as follows:

file_column :file_uri, :magick => {:versions => {:thumbnail => {:size =>

Well, it works great for images but for non-images, the save fails. The
cause is an ImageMagick error - it tries to create a thumbnail and of
course, you can’t do that with a .doc or .zip and it croaks.

I thought that file_column was smart enough to only create thumbnails
files that Rmagick/ImageMagick could support… It appears that older
versions of file_column didn’t have this problem because we previously
able to add Word docs to our system.

Anyone have any insight, especially those file_column hackers out there?


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