File_column trouble, advice needed


Finally i have RMagick and the file_column plugin installed, but at the
time of uploading images i have trouble, i get “uninitialized constant
ArtImage” error and other errors, im following the instructions on but doesnt
seems to work, this its the code im using:

<%= form_tag({:action=>‘create_art_image’, :id=> @art_image}, :multipart
=> true)%>
<%= file_column_field “art_image”, “image” %>

<%= submit_tag ‘Upload’ -%>
<%= end_form_tag %>

#—controller action
def create_art_image
@art_image =[:art_image])

file_column :image

i have my table(items) fields asi this:
id int
title varchar
content text
image varchar

what i want to do its upload all the images to one folder and then later
can be assigned to the items(on the image field im guessing), i just
cant figure out how to make this work so if someone have a working
example or any advice it will be very helpful.



Hi Ana,

Looking at your code, it looks as though your controller is trying to
find a model called ArtImage, but can’t find it. Is that what you’ve
named your model? Your model should have the following as the class
name: class ArtImage < ActiveRecord::Base. If it is, maybe try
restarting your web server, if you haven’t already.

Take care,


Yeah Sean, that was the problem, i set up the model and all worked well
at least for a while, suddenly the uploads doenst work anymore, when i
upload an image the


directory its created inside the public directory but no image inside
and also a new row on the table its added but null, here its my
working(for a minute) code:

<%= form_tag({:action=>‘create_art_image’, :id=> @art_image}, :multipart
=> true)%>
<%= file_column_field “artimage”, “image” %>

<%= submit_tag ‘Upload’ -%>
<%= end_form_tag %>

#----controller action
def create_art_image
@art_image =[:art_image])
flash[:notice] = ‘Upload sucessful’
redirect_to :action => ‘index’
flash[:notice] = ‘Error’
render :action => ‘index’

file_column :image


You’re probably missing the actual ‘save’ logic in your ArtImage class.

Files inside ‘tmp’ directory are only kept between failed submissions,
so if you submit the form and everything goes through, at the end of the
transaction the tmp folder should be empty. (Which is what seems to be
happening in your case). Make sure your save action actually saves the
uploaded file somewhere.

OR, just to double check this theory, add a ‘mandatory’ field, and leave
it blank… Then upload/submit the form with the file and check if you
get something in the tmp folder.



ok, i´ve added: validates_presence_of :image
to my model, and now everytime i try to upload an image i get the
“Error” message from the controller action(when try to save) so im
guessing that the file_column_field aren´t passing any parameters to
the controller but i cant figure out why, this code worked¡ and suddenly
without any changes stop to work, im really getting upset with this no
error signs, no rails exceptions, simply does nothing :frowning: