File_column creates tmp images, but not actual


I am having a slight problem with file_column. I’ve defined everything
according to the documentation but for some odd reason, only the tmp
are being uploaded. the permanent ones are never created.

my Model code:
class User < ActiveRecord::Base
file_column :image, :store_dir => ‘public/users’, :magick => { :versions
{ ‘thumb’ => ‘50>’, ‘profile’ => ‘200>’ } }

my View code:
<%= file_column_field ‘user’, ‘image’ %>

<% if not @user.image.nil? %>

<%= image_tag url_for_file_column("user", "image", "profile"), :alt => @user.login %>
<% end %>

All view code works just fine and the actual image tag is created with
proper image path. but the image doesn’t exist in that path cause it’s
created (or moved/copied from the tmp folder)

my Table column definition for image:
image VARCHAR(50) default NULL,

These files get created just fine:

But, they are never moved/copied to the permanent location of


What’s going on here?! I don’t think its a problem with permissions,
i’m running Webrick and the tmp folder and files get created just fine.


Hmmm… I decided to make my Profile object have the image column as
to my User object and everything seems to be working fine now. I don’t
understand why though. All I did was set the image column to the Profile
model instead of the User model. Very strange.


my wild newbie guess would be that perhaps there’s some conflict with
using “image” as the “user” file_column, for some reason? I seem to
remember having problems before using “file” as the file_column, and
having to change it to another name.

2005/11/18, Ramin removed_email_address@domain.invalid: