File_column: changing default store_dir


File_column plugin is great. I need to change the default :store_dir
from the dynamic “model_name/attribute_name” to an equally dynamic
“client_id/app_id/model_name/attribute_name”. In my model I have:

class Component < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :component_type
belongs_to :component_group
file_column :content,
:magick => { :versions => { “thumb” => “100x100”,
“medium” => “640x480>” }},
:store_dir =>

How can I get the 4 dynamic variables that I need into the model ‘the
ruby/rails way’? client_id and app_id are determined by the user’s
log in and could be stored in the session or passed in somehow.



Anyone know how to do this?


Hi Jeff

Did you figure out a way to pass variables as file_column options? I
have a similar problem where I’m trying to pass settings based on the
logged in user’s properties.

Thank you,