File_column 0.3.1 with SVN repository


glad to be of help, thanks for the quick fix.

so, I installed this update and adapted the models and views
accordingly. When I try to render a view using the new

url_for_file_column(“user”, “photo”, :magick => (:resize => “100x100”))

I get a “uninitialized constant Magick” error with the following trace:

(locomotive path)/lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:200:in
const_missing' #{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins/kyle/lib/file_column.rb:621:infile_column’

2005/11/17, Kyle M. removed_email_address@domain.invalid:


sorry to be a pest…
does this mean FileColumn isn’t able to see my ImageMagick install?


I have a feeling that my merge with 0.3.1 stuff destabilized
something. It’s an experimental branch, you know :). I’m currently
recovering from oral surgery, but I’ll look into it next week.



I know! :slight_smile:
and I appreciate you putting it out for us to experiment, didn’t mean
to rush you on this. Hope you recover well from surgery, it doesn’t
sound like very much fun.

for when you’re better and get a chance to look at it:

I’ve been troubleshooting in a thread on textdrive
(, seems like the
multiple image processing done when saving the model using file_column
was taking a big chunk of memory each time, and after processing the
memory wouldn’t be reallocated. people there referred to GC not
kicking in at the right time because of the way RMagick works
( ).

So I figured since your branch didn’t use RMagick, perhaps that would
end the problem.

thanks again,

2005/11/19, Kyle M. removed_email_address@domain.invalid: