Fields_for and radio button problem


I have a dynamic list I generate based on record I have in a table. What
I am trying to do is have a radio button at the end of each line so I
can select it and delete the record this applies to and to do this I
need the value dynamically set based on the record id in the table. I
have tried the following and variations of it but I have had no success.

I’m fairly new to ruby so still learning the ins and outs. Can anyone
suggest where I am going wrong with this please?

My code is the following:

<% f.fields_for :academic_qualifications, @academic_qualifications do
|form| %>


<%= :hetac,
AcademicQualification::HETAC,{:include_blank =>

<%= form.text_field :award, :class=>“code” %>

<%= form.date_select(:year, :discard_month=>true,:discard_day
=> true, :start_year => 2010, :end_year => 1920, :include_blank => true)

<% @index=@index+1 %>

Thanks in advance for any help,