Fiber ignores ensure clause

Задача #595 была обновлена (Yura Sokolov).

What about this ticket?
Guaranteed ensure inside of Fiber and Fiber.raise (as complement for
Thread.raise) will be usefull for full coroutine based environment ala
python’s gevent.

Bug #595: Fiber ignores ensure clause

  • Автор: Koichi Sasada
  • Статус: Assigned
  • Приоритет: Normal
  • Назначена: Koichi Sasada
  • Категория: core
  • Версия: Next Major
  • ruby -v: -
  • Backport:

Ruby プロセス終了時,Fiber が ensure を無視します.

fib ={
Fiber.yield :ok
puts “should be print out”
p fib.resume

ensure_fiber.patch (2,123 КБ)
ensure_fiber2.patch (7,565 КБ)

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