FFT filters--still a problem with filter growth

I thought the problem with FFT filters growing after initial
construction was gone in recent Gnu Radio,
but it’s back.

I’m running the latest “next” branch, along with UHD.

Create an FFT filter of length X. If the filter coefficients change at
run time and the resulting
length is longer than the initial X, the flow-graph seems to wedge
(the previous failure mode for this
caused it to dump core).

If I change my code so that the initial filter size is as big as it will
ever need to be, I don’t get any

I have a tap generator for the FFT filter that produces filters whose
lengths are powers of 2,
to hopefully improve performance. But if the initial filter is
(let’s say) length 4096, and then
dynamically changed to 8192 or 16384, etc, then the flow-graph seems
to wedge.

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