Ffi-swig-generator 0.2.1

ffi-swig-generator version 0.2.1
by Andrea F.


ffi-swig-generator is a ruby-ffi wrapper code generator based on SWIG
interface files.

ffi-swig-generator is able to traverse a XML parse tree file generated
by the +swig+ command and to produce a ruby-ffi interface file from

ffi-swig-generator is shipped with a command line tool (ffi-gen) and a
task that automates the code generation process.

ffi-swig-generator XML capabilities are provided by nokogiri.


  • 1 minor enhancement
    • Removed old lib/ffi-generator.rb file.


  • The program is able to generate:
    • all C native types
    • #define constants
    • typedefs
    • struct, union, array and enum types
    • callbacks (pointers to functions)
  • Naive indentation of the generated code


From command line:

ffi-gen mylib.xml mylib.rb

From a Rakefile:

require ‘ffi-swig-generator’
FFI::Generator::Task.new :input_fn => ‘my_interface_dir/*.i’
output_dir => ‘my_output_dir’


  • rake >= 0.8.3
  • nokogiri >= 1.1.1
  • swig >= 1.3


To download and install from rubygems:

[sudo] gem install ffi-swig-generator

To download the develpment trunk:

hg clone http://kenai.com/hg/ruby-ffi~swig-generator


See the examples in examples/ folder.

libc.i is an interface file containing some excerpt of libc functions.

wiiuse.i is a enough complex example of a C header file interface. It
reproduces the content of wiiuse.h, the header file of the wiiuse
library. wiiuse is a C library that handles the connection with
Nintendo Wiimote devices. The interface file is almost a mere
copy/paste from the original header file. See
GitHub - remogatto/ffi-wiiuse: wiiuse ruby binding using FFI to get updated revision of
ffi-wiiuse library.