Few interesting observations

So my project is using user and login engines and the docs are not
100% clear (from newb standpoint) on how to get things rolling. So in
case anyone else is interested and I might not have it totally right
(altho it works for me), here’s what I did:

After getting the plugin and engines installed I did the 3 commands
(no db schema or anything like that - and I’m on rails 1.1.6):

  1. rake db:migrate:engines ENGINE=login_engine
  2. rake db:migrate:engines ENGINE=user_engine
  3. rake bootstrap

That set up everything correctly for me. If I did rake -T there
seemed to be a lot of stuff and just doing ‘rake db:migrate:engines’
worked correctly for me (altho, checking that rake tasks should give
me the order…). Anyway, on to my second point, which I know screwed
up all the above when I tried doing things on another dev machine.

Our project requires email addresses as the login id. When I first
ran the above on a separate dev machine everything ran fine because I
had not yet started extending the user object. So when I ran the
above it was all good. However, once I made a change to the user
model, checked everything into svn and then tried to set up on a
second dev machine, I couldn’t get it to work. The following is what
my extended user model looks like:

This supports email as the login id (thx to Eric for this):

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
include LoginEngine::AuthenticatedUser
include UserEngine::AuthorizedUser

Hook to use email address as login

before_validation do |r|
r.login = r.email


This all works fine, but when I started digging thru the
user_engine.rake file, I noticed the ‘create_admin_user’ task tries
to find a newly created admin object via the original ‘admin’ login
id and not the updated email address. So this then cause the task to
bomb and thusly, when I try to log in, I get endless re-directs; this
is probably due to some sync issue with the old and new login ids.

Only now at the end of all this (putting two and two together) did I
figure out that I can config all the initial admin info in my
environment.rb file. Suppose this is the usual process of trial and
error. Anyway, I just thought I’d mention these things in case
someone else was sorta running into some of these issues. Thx for the
engines as they’ve given me a good jump start on my proj! :slight_smile: