Fetch blog post content


I’m looking for a way to fetch blog posts content. I’m trying to fetch
content from blogs (as mine) that has their entire content “open” to rss
readers, but ruby’s RSS library seems to support all kind of flags
except the one for content.

Is there any way fetch the actual content of a blog post via ‘rss
1.0/2.0’ library? Because as I see it I need to use another approach
since “print rss.items[0].methods.join(’ ')” gives me:

inspect tap clone date have_xml_content? public_methods setup_maker
send instance_variable_defined? equal? freeze comments tag_name
date= extend send methods comments= hash dup dclone instance_variables
object_id valid? category eql? validate validate_for_stream link id
instance_eval category= parent singleton_methods categories convert
link= taint title set_next_element author full_name parent=
instance_variable_get frozen? to_enum display instance_of? to_a title=
author= instance_exec type protected_methods == ===
instance_variable_set enum_for description need_base64_encode?
respond_to? kind_of? source method guid to_s converter= description=
class source= pubDate private_methods =~ tainted? id do_validate
set_category guid= enclosure untaint nil? have_required_elements?
pubDate= do_validate= is_a? enclosure=

and I see no related method to view actual blog content.

Best Regards,

Panagiotis A.