Ferret Trampling Namespace


Greetings. Apologies if I missed something like this in the archives or
internet, but I’m having issues using Ferret with Rails. Specifically, I
have a class class “Weight” in my application (it happens to be a
model). My app runs perfectly fine until it first executes “require
‘ferret’”. At that point, my definition of the class “Weight” disappears
and I get “uninitialized constant Weight” errors. I see that Ferret also
has a Weight class (Ferret::Search::Weight) so I assume that Ferret
isn’t playing nicely with namespaces, although I assume that it’s caused
by some interaction between Rails and Ferret as it does not occurr in
Has anyone else come across an issue of Ferret trampling namespace? I
have tried putting the indexing code in a number of places within my
app, and "load"ing Ferret rather then "require"ing it, but loading tends
to fail to load Ferret.
Thanks for any insight. I am a Ruby and Rails nuby and am using Win32
(temporarilly), Ruby 1.8.2, Ferret 0.3.2, and Rails 1.0.0.


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