Ferret search not working for one model, works for others


So far I am using ferret in the most simple way, I just have included
acts_as_ferret :fields => [:login, :name]
in serval of my models, this works as expected for all of the models I
have put it in except one, my users model. I am using the
authenticated_system and role_requirement_system libs that are pretty
common. Just wondering if there is something that is being used by
these libs and in the user model generated along w/ them that would
cause ferret to not work.

here is what is in the ferret log
index_for [User(id: integer, user_type: string, login: string, name:
string, crypted_password: string, salt: string, created_at: datetime,
updated_at: datetime, remember_token: string, remember_token_expires_at:
datetime, activation_code: string, activated_at: datetime,
password_reset_code: string, enabled: boolean, identity_url: string,
invitation_id: integer, invitation_limit: integer, fettle_account_type:
integer, address_line_1: string, address_line_2: string, city: string,
postal_zip_code: string, country: string, province_state: string,
photo_id: integer, email: string, professional_type: string,
organization_type: string)]
options: {:limit=>nil, :offset=>nil}
ar_options: {}
[user] stored_fields: nil
[user] query: darren
–>+(login:darren professional_type:darren organization_type:darren
remember_token_expires_at:darren postal_zip_code:darren city:darren
photo_id:darren enabled:darren country:darren crypted_password:darren
province_state:darren activated_at:darren invitation_limit:darren
name:darren activation_code:darren identity_url:darren user_type:darren
salt:darren password_reset_code:darren fettle_account_type:darren
address_line_1:darren updated_at:darren created_at:darren
remember_token:darren invitation_id:darren email:darren
address_line_2:darren) +(class_name:User)
[user] now retrieving records from AR with options: {}
[user] 0 results from AR: []
Query: darren
total hits: 0, results delivered: 0