Ferret (search application)

This is pravin.
i am trying to make search application in ROR for that i have
installed ferret & acts_as_ferret plugin
but , i got the following error

Processing SearchController#search (for at 2008-04-15
Session ID: ae2547277cd00cf930f79afdbc8c8b61
Parameters: {“action”=>“search”, “q”=>“Tata Consultancy Services
Asked for a remote server ? true, ENV[“FERRET_USE_LOCAL_INDEX”] is nil,
looks like we are not the server
Will use local index.
using index in ./script/…/config/…/index/development/detail
default field list: [:name]
Query: Tata Consultancy Services Pune
total hits: 0, results delivered: 0
Rendering search/search
Rendered search/_search_form (0.00167)
Completed in 0.00878 (113 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.00243 (27%) | 200 OK


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