Ferret on Heroku

Hi all,

I am not familiar with Ferret (I would rather have used Thinking Sphinx,
but this is not possible on Heroku)

So I need to use Ferret for full text search on Heroku. I followed the
very little instructions they give on their site, but no chance…

I my model, I have added:
acts_as_ferret :options => {
:fields => [:name, :status, :contact],
:store_class_name => true

I have added following line in environment.rb:
require ‘acts_as_ferret’
ActsAsFerret.index_dir = “#{RAILS_ROOT}/tmp/index”

I’m not sure this is needed, but I have added to my .gems file:
acts_as_ferret --version 0.4.4
as version 0.4.3 makes my app crash on deploy.

I also have the acts_as_ferret plugin (is this needed on top of the gem?
I don’t clearly get it…) Do I need to change anything in
ferret_server.yml? Is there a specific heroku server to be specified?

Then when I run in heroku console
I get:
=> false

Locally, everything work as expected.

The next step is to have a search on several model… (I have spent
hours on Google, Forums and Blogs without finding any help)

I have tried:
Model1.find_with_ferret(@search_string, {:multi => [Model1, Model2,

But this only return results for the model I call find_with_ferret from
(in this case, I would get results from Model1). This work on my dev
machine, as I am unable to have ferret to work on Heroku…

I have asked these questions to their support, but sadly I didn’t get
any response…

Thanks for any detailed help with versions to be used and detailed


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