Ferret creating new index files


We generate our index on another server and then rsync it over nightly
to each webserver. We run
an old version of AAF on our rails site. The index represents an
inventory model which is never touched by the rails app (i.e. we never
add/update/delete inventory from rails). Also we only issue
find_by_contents and more_like_this calls on the index and nothing more.
We don’t update the index from the webservers ever. In other words, the
index should be strictly read only.

However, I notice throughout the day that files appear in the index. A
fresh index typically looks like this:

But by the end of the day this same index will look like:

Also, if you do an index.size on a fresh index versus one with a lot of
extra files, the size is the same.

Is this normal? The reason I ask mostly is that ferret seg faults
continually throughout the day for us, and I thought that it might be
related to these extra files appearing.