Ferret could't find segments file

Hi, I’ve reinstalled ferret and acts_as_ferret on windows to versions
0.11.4 and 0.40 respectively.
And, I get this error message:

File Not Found Error occured:
couldn’t find segments file

Can someone help me with this? Moreover, I reinstalled ferret, because I
had some problems - after some search actions my application got broken

  • I was getting errors in my layout files… But this happened only
    after search actions, so I tried to reinstall ferret and another problem

Thanks for help…

I will answer to this by myself - It is neccessary to delete the folders
with indexes. You can find them in /index/development/

or your rebuid_index to regenerate your indexes

or your rebuid_index to regenerate your indexes

1/ Locate all the classes that ‘acts_as_ferret’, and

2/ write a rake task like :

namespace :ferret do
desc “rebuid the ferret indexes”
task :rebuild => :environment do
[Foo, Bar].each{|klass|
puts “rebuilding the Ferret /#{RAILS_ENV}/ index for :
puts " done."