Ferret: can i use conditions AND get search scores?

I’m having a problem where i want to search across multiple models, with
conditions, but some of my conditions break certain models because they
don’t have a field tested against in the conditions.

So, i want to instead do find_by_content_id on each model seperately,
then put them all together into one array, sort it by score, and then
paginate across it. The problem is that if you do ‘find_by_content_id’
you can’t pass conditions through! (or at least it seems that way to me

  • find_id_by_contents only takes an ‘options’ hash, not a ‘find_options’
    hash as well).

So, there’s no way to pass conditions through AND get the search score
for each found item. Is this the case? Or is there a way to do this
that i just can’t see? It seems like something that people would want
to do fairly often…