Ferret/aaf benchmarks


I was searching for some data or benchmarks as to how large of an index
Ferret can handle. I googled around for a while and didn’t really find
anything, so I thought I’d just post our own data here in hopes that
others might post theirs.

At Lingr (http://www.lingr.com), we use Ferret/aaf to index user
utterances (in human-speak, “the things people say in the chatrooms”).
We have just recently past the 10,000,000 mark in terms of the number of
utterances indexed. The physical size of the index directory (we index
only a single model) is 3.5G. That size is mostly consumed by one of
the .cfs files which is itself 3571708668 in size.

Is this a large index in comparison to other known Ferret

Anyone else care to post their stats?

Best Regards,

Danny B.