Feisty FieldRat lowlatency upgrades

In Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, if you do synaptic, search for lowlatency, you
will see that it is utterly trivial to install and use the lowlatency
enhanced kernel. It installs a new image, modifies the grub menu, and
both Frank and I have experienced the same improvement in low latency
performance using jack. I have on my two SMP machines, and my laptop,
and Frank on his abacus (2 GHz celeron). Both of us have been able to
set ridiculously small buffer sizes in jack. I was able to do this
successfully with the Edirol FA-66 and Freebob/Firewire as well as my
Delta 44.

So far, I have done 4 Feisty Fawn upgrades using

gksu “update-manager -c -d”

and all have gone seamlessly. In each case, there were a couple of
things that would show up in the “unchanged” listing in the synaptic
upgrade/install dialog. A review of these through search revealed that
in every case, Ubuntu had erred on the side of caution and left it up
to me the user to decide if I wanted to upgrade things which required
library upgrades.

I am quite impressed so far and even more impressive is it finding a
four year old bug in the USRP code! (Okay, well, it only took the
kernel 4 years to catch up but there had to be a first right?).


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