Feezing mysql gem + unitiliazed constant MysqlCompat::Mysql

I need to freeze the mysql gem inside my app, since it’s no longer
bundled with rails.

So, I installed the mysql 2.8.1 gem and got that “uninitialized constant
MysqlCompat::MysqlRes” error when I’m trying to deploy my app (occurring
on the first rake command).

Googling about it, I’ve found out that it’s a gem problem so I’d need to
symlink things directly or specify some ARCHFLAGS.

Problem is both solutions didn’t worked. Can anyone help me with this?

AFAICT the mysql gem has been and continues to be broken in some manner.

Downgrading the mysql gem to 2.7 whenever I encounter this problem has
itself to be a consistent fix and I really have no idea why.

At the very least, whatever is causing this error could certainly
some better feedback than the arcane “uninitialized constant

Downgrading the mysql gem to 2.7 didn’t work either on rails 2.3.5
The solution I found was that my host machine didn’t had libmysql-ruby
installed. So I had to manually install it and then my deploy went fine.

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AFAICT the mysql gem has been and continues to be broken in some manner.

The gem is a wrapper arount MySQL/Ruby bindings from tmtm:


If there is a problem with the extension, like a broken API between
versions, please report it there.

On a new release of the extension I’ll wrap it and package in the
mysql gem, here: