There is a feature in Feedburner that allows you to insert various
links {Digg this, twit this etc.) after every news post, via inserting a
javascript script.

The trouble is, it needs the dynamic link to each post. From
own documentation:
There are two pieces of data you need to insert in this tag before it
work on your blog:
Your FeedFlare URL.
Dynamic post URL. Use one of your blog’s template tags to dynamically
the URL of the current post. (E.g. Blogger uses
Movable Type uses <$MTEntryPermalink$>.)"

However, being new to Typo (or just thick), I don’t know where to add

tag, nor do I know what Typo's tag is for dynamically inserting permalink URLs (i.e. the equivalent of Blogger's "<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>"). I assume I have to edit the "default.rhtml" file in my layout's "layout" directory and insert the tag there, but I don't know about which file to edit for the individual article pages. Can anyone please help me out?