Feedback for a new application

Hey everyone,

Just a quick announcement/request for feedback for my new rails
application: Scratch Pad. It takes notes.

Scratch Pad assumes that you’re a smart person and you have a lot of
good ideas.

The trouble is keeping them all in one place, accessible from

You can keep notes scratched down in text-files on your hard-drive
buried in one (or many) folders; keep them in a local or networked
wiki; or try something else that doesn’t really fit, like a project

The problem is, you need to access it from the road, you’re not ready
to share anything, and not trying to manage anything.

You just want a place jot down your current thoughts and store them

It’s got a bunch of neat tricks, and tries to stay out of your way:
Markdown, Textile, versions, folksonomy, CSV export, selective
controls for deletion/export, and sticky tags; just to name a few.

I think it sounds good, but I know other people will stay with what
they already have.

You should remember that an application works best when it thinks, and
acts, like you. Scratch Pad was built around how I wanted a notation
system to work. Some people are gonna love it, others would rather use
something else. We appreciate that: everyone’s different.

In other words: There is no one true way; this is just another option.

So please, check it out and let me know what you think:

Nobody is interested? Or nobody has anything good to say :slight_smile: