Fedora 8 on PS3


On Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 12:15:19PM -0500, Robert McGwier wrote:



Did they release new iso’s that fixed the bug in nash?

Is the magic kboot command the secret sauce?

What’s in compat-expat1?


expat from FC7 is used by the SDK 3.0 install. The magic kboot command
IS the secret sauce. There is a nash update but I have not exercised
it. After you get the text install done, if anyone is goofy enough to
try and gnome in the thimble full of memory left ;-), they can change
inittab. Kernel development is still very rapid. It is so rapid that I
have given up on doing anything but using the FC8 kernels which work
just fine (they have both PS3 and Cell blade support, unfortunately, a
lot more). The make ps3_defconfig builds a kernel that does not need an
initrd. I don’t like it at all. I still have not figured out the
secret sauce that will make a kernel that is NOT the ps3_defconfig
default and work. So far as I am concerned, this isn’t right but I am
sure you saw Levand call me a “sorry bloke”. I figured it was time to

I have been working on the Cell blade nfsroot instructions. That is
quite a bit more involved and will be interesting to fewer people but I
don’t want anyone else to have to suffer what I went through to get all
of this working.