FCKEditor, TinyMCE with spell checker

Does anyone know how I can find out how to implement one of these?

I need an html editor with spellchecker. I have tried numerous
suggestions. No success with FCK Editor at all. Tiny MCE works okay
but no idea how to use the spell checker. Tried various suggestions.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,


Have you had problems in general, or just with the spell checker?

I’ve deployed them both but finally settled with FCKEditor, as it
seemed a little more stable, user intuitive, and produced better
code. I’ve got it up and running on a site, but I don’t have spell
checking (never bothered trying).

If you need general help getting them going, post back specific
questions. If you need help specifically with the spell checkers,
sorry, I can’t help with that. :slight_smile:

I am using nice editor, for non Richtext mode, the spell checker is not
working but if plaintext mode the spell checker is working fine. But
widgEditor’s spell checker is working fine in Rich and Plain text mode.


Thanks for the reply. I was following the instructions at:


The code in my view is:

<%= javascript_include_tag :fckeditor %>

<% form_for(@object) do |f| %>
*<%= fckeditor_textarea(“object”, “field”, :toolbarSet =>
‘Simple, :width => ‘100’, :height => ‘200px’ %>
<% end %>

syntax error, unexpected ‘;’, expecting ‘)’
in *

I was hoping to be directed to another text editor or clear set of
instructions. Any ideas with the above errors gratefully received.

Many thanks,


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Yeah tried that already, same error. Thanks for posts. Checking out
widgEditor. Looks great in its simplest form, just checking out if it
has enough functionality - need tables, emails.

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the matter is only in typo. it should be :

<%= fckeditor_textarea(“object”, “field”, :toolbarSet =>
“Simple”, :width => “100”, :height => “200px” %>

The site wrote incorrect code here :

<= … :toolbarSet => 'Simple, … %>

Next more carefull


Marvellous. Can’t believe I didn’t spot this. Big thanks. Now just
need to configure spell checker and I’m sorted.


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WE forget closer tag like (…)

<%= fckeditor_textarea(“object”, “field”, :toolbarSet =>
“Simple”, :width => “100”, :height => “200px”) %>


Test it…

Here’s how I finally did if anyone is interested:



<%= fckeditor_textarea(““object””, ““field””, :toolbarSet =>
“Simple”, :width => “600”, :height => “600px”) %>

instead of the line posted (thanks Reinhart, have reported error).

To get the spell checker working:

map.connect ‘/controller/action/fckeditor/check_spelling’, :controller
=> ‘fckeditor’, :action => ‘check_spelling’
to routes.


include ActionView::Helpers::SanitizeHelper






I got this working once upon a time. I think the process is
similar for both editors. You have to have aspell installed on your
system and available in your path. Basically what happens is the
editors make an ajax call to your app when the text needs to be spell
checked. Your app then takes that request and calls the aspell program
with something like

text_to_be_checked.each do |word|
result = exec(“aspell #{word}”)

(this isn’t real code, just an example)

You then parse the results and return them to your editor. I can’t
remember exactly what format, but its probably JSON.

You have to be really careful here that you careful with the exec
function so that system commands don’t get injected allowing hackers
to take over your system.

There are also plugins for those editors that take advantage of
in-browser spelling systems, but I don’t know much about them.

I hope this helps. If you are still having problems with this I can
probably try to dig out some old code. I remember it being quite
annoying to get working.