Fcgid or FastCGI

OK, I’m a very slow starter… Perhaps it’s caution?

I’m slowing bringing myself up to using Ruby on Rails and have been
around some of the edges before I jump right into the middle.

I’m working on Ruby as a language, Security ($SAFE), and now starting to
with concepts of how to get Rails/Ruby working on my webserver.

I find a lot of people are pro-fcgid or FastCGI for implimenting this.
This is
great because I don’t really want to run a server with both mod_perl and
mod_ruby. I have projects in both and it makes a lot of sense to go the

But I’m surprised at how little documentation there is on the basics of
How to configure it for static, dynamic, external implimenations?
What are they doing that’s different from each other?

I am also surprised at how much sense FastCGI makes from an
architectural point
of view and yet almost no one has been using it, or keeping it a secret.

I would like to know more about it than the simplistic: “do this and
this and
this and sha-zamm!!! you have Rails!!!”. That’s cool, but I fully
expect to
break it at least once before dinner and I can either fix it here or
sending hundreds of these pathetic sounding emails of “help me help me,
fallen and I can’t get up.”

I guess specifically, I’m trying to find out more on the configuration
and examples of how they are implimentated, why, and what to look for.

Thanks to all.