Fcgid -> errors


I’m trying to get rails running on Debian stable with Apache 2,
mod_fcgid, Rails 1.0. The application works fine with webrick (*).

Let’s start here:

@eugene [/var/www/ls2/linuxsi/public] $ ./dispatch.fcgi
Status: 500 Internal Server Error

Seems to result in the following in the log files:

[12/Feb/2006:12:18:40 :: 4105] starting
[12/Feb/2006:12:18:40 :: 4105] terminated gracefully

so far, so good, I guess, although the ‘500’ isn’t very encouraging.

Let’s try it for real:

Application error
Rails application failed to start properly

Uh, ok… that’s not very informative, so let’s go look at the log

development.log seems to indicate that things are ok from rails’ point
of view:

Processing StoresController#search (for at 2006-02-12
12:24:02) [GET]
Parameters: {“action”=>“search”, “controller”=>“stores”}
Province Load (0.009293) SELECT * FROM provinces
Rendering within layouts/stores
Rendering stores/search
SQL (0.021030) SELECT a.attname, format_type(a.atttypid,
a.atttypmod), d.adsrc, a.attnotnullince Load (0.009293)ESC[0m
ESC[0;1mSELECT * FROM provinces
FROM pg_attribute a LEFT JOIN pg_attrdef d
ON a.attrelid = d.adrelid AND a.attnum = d.adnum
WHERE a.attrelid = ‘provinces’::regclass
AND a.attnum > 0 AND NOT a.attisdropped
ORDER BY a.attnum

Completed in 0.17092 (5 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.06057 (35%) | DB:
0.03032 (17%) | 200 OK [http://linuxsi/stores/search]

fastcgi seems less healthy though:

Logfile created on Sun Feb 12 12:24:01 CET 2006 by logger.rb/

[12/Feb/2006:12:24:01 :: 4133] starting
[12/Feb/2006:12:24:06 :: 4133] asked to terminate immediately
[12/Feb/2006:12:24:06 :: 4133] terminated by explicit exit

Let’s back up a minute and make sure the web server is ok… yeah, it
serves up the rails app’s public/ files just fine.

What’s apache’s log file have to say about the fcgid error?

[Sun Feb 12 12:26:41 2006] [notice] mod_fcgid: server
/var/www/ls2/linuxsi/public/dispatch.fcgi(4162) started
[Sun Feb 12 12:26:46 2006] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: dispatch.fcgi, referer: http://linuxsi:13000/
[Sun Feb 12 12:26:53 2006] [notice] mod_fcgid: process
/var/www/ls2/linuxsi/public/dispatch.fcgi(4162) exit(communication
error), get stop signal 15

That doesn’t look good:-/

Here’s my .htaccess file:

AddHandler fcgid-script .fcgi
Options +FollowSymLinks +ExecCGI
RewriteRule ^$ index.html [QSA]
RewriteRule ^([^.]+)$ $1.html [QSA]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ dispatch.fcgi [QSA,L]

At this point… I’m stumped.


David N. Welton

Linux, Open Source Consulting

(*) Well, aside from this problem:


David N. Welton wrote:

At this point… I’m stumped.

Responding to myself so that others can find the solution, which was a
bit tricky to track down. I strace’ed the whole process via apache -X,
and noticed that it killed the child when the child appeared to still be
loading things. Since this is an older, slower computer, I added this
to the configuration, and now things work:

IPCCommTimeout  20
IPCConnectTimeout 20


David N. Welton

Linux, Open Source Consulting

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