Faxing from RoR

I need to send faxes from my RoR app (Linux based). I guess this could
be done either VoIP or a web service (I don’t want to use a fax modem
and regular line). Any advice - softwrae, services, or experience?

Well… I have personally only tried corporate fax/meil services so I’m
more used to services where I write images or PDF to a directory and
some fax software picks that up and sends accordingly.

However for what you are asking as I understand it take a look at:
InterFax Web Service
I know of that company and iv’e been told it’s pretty solid. This is a
SOAP service and everything is XML so I would be very suprise of
implementing this would take more than 30 minutes * Murphy’s law.

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I don’t know of any simple solutions (the previous post about interfax
looks good), but I can tell you that faxing via voip is not reliable.
It works in some specific cases, usually where it’s over a LAN or
where you have a good connection between the endpoints and enough
bandwidth. Fax is just too sensitive. A store and forward type of
service should be easy enough to find though. You send them the file
over the internet, and they send it after it’s received.


Thanks a lot for your help, this looks very nice. Exactly what I need.

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