FATAL: (ArgumentError) wrong number of arguments calling `initialize` (1 for 0)

I install vagrant plugin in Jenkins (1.522version) and when I try to
build, I am getting the below errors. Please help me to solve this issue

Please NOTE:- MY Java version is “1.7.0_25” and my RUBY Version

FATAL: (ArgumentError) wrong number of arguments calling initialize (1
for 0)
org.jruby.exceptions.RaiseException: (ArgumentError) wrong number of
arguments calling initialize (1 for 0)

Vishnu -

Some thoughts

  1. You say your ruby version is 1.9.3p448, but that’s an MRI Ruby, not
    JRuby. Where are you getting that version from? The stack trace
    indicates that you are using JRuby, though.

  2. the third stack message, for environment_proxy.rb shows a “jruby”
    gem. Do you or anyone know what that is? I didn’t think JRuby
    installed any gems for itselfand the path implies that it’s
    Jenkins-specific, so I’m wondering if it’s a Jenkins gem, but why it’s
    named “jruby”?

  3. The JRuby path includes a “1.8” directory. This seems strange, it
    sounds like you’re running in 1.8 mode, which used to be the default way
    back in JRuby versions prior to 1.7.

What OS are you running?
What JRuby version are you using? (jruby -v)

Finally, this sounds like a question that would be more likely to be
answered by the folks who wrote the Jenkins plugin. Here’s a link to
Jenkins’ mailing lists:


I suggest trying the 2nd one, “General user question/discussion”.

  • Keith

Keith R. Bennett