Fastest HTTP client (for persisten connections)

Ok, there are so many HTTP client gems!

Premise: I need to have support for persistent connection too.

For many time I used rest_client, realizing now is one of more slow :frowning:

Many people use HTTPparty (with some “patches” behind the scenes, to
manage long polling persistent connections), see by application example,
the good project:

My goal is to choose a gem to manage HTTP persistent connections that
is both FAST in performances and also simple/intuitive to use.

In terms of performances of course curb (libcurl based) win, see this
benchmark (2014):

Maybe Patron could be a curb substitute for a compromise between
performances and good progarmming interface.

See also a old benchmark (2012):

Another possible winner because fast&simple to use could be HTTPrb gem:

What your opinion/choice?
Anyone here maybe did any benchmark recently ?


I’ve also been frustrated by how many options there are. I’ve been using
httprb with success but I often find myself having to dig deep into the
code to figure out how to e.g. inspect the response body or attach query
string parameters to a GET request. It definitely makes me miss LWP and
its associated documentation. :slight_smile:

Hi Mike
I presume that for LWP you maybe mean the Perl module

I see your points and I confess I never yet used httrb.
Reading httprb github pages, interface seems more handy (the “chaining
way”) in comparison with fastest curb (,
but maybe just not too documented or me ignorant about curl parameters

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