I spent time searching web trying to get information on how to get Rails
working under Apache+fastcgi. All I found was people saying that they
can’t make it work or some obscure instructions on how to compile this
and that. Does anything stable similar to XAMPP exists for Ruby on
Rails? If not, people should be warned upfront that they won’t be able
to use Ruby on Rail in production unless they have resources to commit
for lab research, etc…


Dont know where you’ve been searching or what list you’ve been on, but
plenty of people have Apache and FastCGI going. You may need to compile
something, you may not. It depends on what OS you are using. For good
*nix type OSes check out:
For our friend windows, there is also

In any case, I’ve gotten apache setup on both Windows and Linux with
trouble and, while not as fast as Lighttpd, it serves its purpose as a
production server just fine for our site.