FastCGI issues

I am attempting to get Rails running on Windows with an Apache 2 server.
I seem to be having some trouble, and in spite of my best efforts to
find a solution, I could not.

I believe that I configured Apache correctly. I have included

EnableSendfile Off
EnableMMAP Off

FastCgiConfig -maxClassProcesses 1 -maxProcesses 1 -minProcesses 1
-processSlack 1
-initial-env RUBYOPT=rubygems

in httpd.conf per this article:

As soon as I try to access any controller the harddrive starts grinding
and Apache’s error log is spammed with

[Sat Apr 08 07:00:30 2006] [warn] FastCGI: (dynamic) server
“C:/ruby/rails/mata/public/dispatch.fcgi” has failed to remain running
for 30 seconds given 3 attempts, its restart interval has been backed
off to 600 seconds

I have tried running dispatch.fcgi from the command line, as I’ve seen
it suggested, in order to attempt to debug the problem. I get the
following error:

missing’: uninitialized constant RailsFCGIHandler (NameError)
from ./dispatch.fcgi:24

The shebang line for dispatch.fcgi is


which is the correct location of the interpreter.

I hope the problem is that I overlooked something trivial - and if
that’s the case, please feel free to bonk me over the head.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


Looks like you missing FCGI support in Rails, you need to have
as well as fcgi.rb in your Ruby librairies, and you also need a DLL
called libfcgi.dll in your path.

You may want to try my Rail Prod Win setup kit:

It has everything you need to run FCGI with Apache 2.2 on Windows, you
should be up and running in no time.


Should read:
Looks like you missing FCGI support in Ruby (not Rails)

Thank you! I’m going to try this out!

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