Fastcgi_cache + ngx_pagespeed

Hi guys,

First of all, I am aware that this is not the place to get ngx_pagespeed
support. I am only coming here because I am this close to archieving the
performance I need, and here is the place where I had the most sucess
my questions so far. Forgive me if it is out of place.

Second, I would like to know if there is a NGINX workaround for this
problem, not a ngx_pagespeed solution.

So I was able to get all the optimization I need (aggressive) from
ngx_pagespeed and offload my static assets (after optimization) to a CDN
(pull origin). The only performance problem I have now is when serving
content that HIT’s the fastcgi_cache.

It seems that ngx_pagespeed has to do its thing on rendered output html
everytime a request is made to the page. I through fastcgi_cache cached
content was already ngx_pagespeed optimized versions. It seems like
ngx_pagespeed runs in front of nginx/fastcgi_cache. It is ngx_pagespeed
fetches the html from fastcgi_cache and passes it on.

Are you guys aware of any way to make fastcgi_cache cache optimized
after everything is set and done?

I think there is a solution if I use varnish, but I do not want to add
another moving part to my setup.

Best regards.

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I just looked a little bit more on the topic and it is not possible I

I would have to put something in front of nginx (another nginx) or
Varnish -
but that is a shame since nginx fastcgi_cache works so fine.

Best regards.

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