Fastcgi_cache_bypass still not working?

I just wanted to know if there are any updates regarding the corrupted
response headers:

I am trying to use fastcgi_cache_bypass to request a fresh response from
the PHP-FPM backend and store it in cache when $http_nocache is set.

I can’t use fastcgi_no_cache because I want the response to be cached
for all future requests when $http_nocache isn’t set.

Any updates on whether fastcgi_cache_bypass is supposed to work are
really appreciated!


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can anybody help me? I don’t know what this site 404 not found is all

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As there has been no new releases in the intervening period, I think the
answer is obvious.

As a work around, it may be possible to use 3rd modules like echo and
proxy_purge to clear the cache before fulfilling the request whenever
$nocache is set so that a fresh copy is cached afterwards.

Never tried it before but looking at the docs, I’ll think it should be
within their range of capabilities.

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