Fascism is coming to Internet

Sorry by this off topic message, but this is too important

Fascism is coming fastly to Internet because is the only communication
way that governements (managed by the bank and multinationals) cann’t

I call Internet Hitler! Who wants to be my Goebbels?

Also, we need someone to build the concentration camps for Furries.


I’m in! :smiley:

To be honest, the language sounds quite ambiguous…

Things like “knowing” may not be as easy to define as you think…
your example of Xerox ‘knowing’ that their machines are being used for
copyright infringement doesn’t cut it. To know is, in some manner, to
be witness, if you have not seen it happen you can’t know. You can
“believe” that copyright infringement happens at Kinkos, but you don’t
necessarily “know”.

I haven’t read the whole things, but it sound like political speak so
far: “intentionally ambiguous” to leave a lot of wiggle room…

On Feb 23, 4:44 pm, Victor S [email protected] wrote:

far: “intentionally ambiguous” to leave a lot of wiggle room…
Exactly - the “fascism” rhetoric is a little overblown, but there’s
still a concern. Especially since, unlike the Xerox example, it’s
technically possible for an ISP to “know” quite a bit more about
what users are doing. For example, would the treaty mandate deep-
packet inspection to catch filesharers? Maybe backdoors in encrypted
communications channels? Nobody knows, but the fact that even the
text of the treaty has (apart from leaks) been secret doesn’t help
people feel comfortable about it…

–Matt J.