Farming automation


can we use parallel testing using few[a farm of] remote machines,
without using remote desktop?

For instance the following scenario:

  1. suppose that I have test1 automation suite and from my local
    machine I would like to run the scripts on another machine with the
    ip: xxx.xx.x.xx
  2. I have another huge test2 automation suite and I would like to
    start running it on another machine

The same scenario using virtual machines.

Can that be possible? If yes, how? Do you have any example?


On Jul 15, 2010, at 07:55 , Cristina wrote:

The same scenario using virtual machines.

Is there a difference between the scenarios?

Any reason why you shouldn’t focus on the problem: profiling and fixing
slow impl and/or tests?

are you looking for something like capistrano, func, or maybe
mcollective to trigger processes across many nodes?