FANN bindings


Hi list,

i was looking for a fast neural network simulation just yesterday and
found FANN (which is nice) - there was also a link to a site with ruby
bindings [1] (which is even better). Unfortunately this link was down
(which made me sad) but after fiddling around some time i found the same
link on raa [2] (which wasn’t directly helpful) and discovered there is
an experimental cache of the sources [3] (which is really cool).
Today the link on the FANN main page [4] to the ruby bindings
disappeared (which is quite bad) and i started looking on the stuff the
cache saved me - on windows (which is really … well, lets say its not
that easy).

Masakazu Yonekura are you reading this? Is it just the server thats down
or is this project dead? I managed to compile and link your code for the
one-click installer and the example (which has a serious typo) works
fine. (well except the callback for train_on_data, buts thats a minor

I would be very interested in a version that features FANN 2.0.0 and may
spend some time on it, anyone else interested?