Fan replacement for usrp1?

wondering if anybody out there has replaced their usrp1 fan with
something a bit quieter?
i find myself listening to its incessant whine many hours a day, and
it’s starting to make me a little crazy
especially when i am trying to listen to subtle details anybody have a
suggestion for a decent replacement?

mark | |

Hi Mark,

If you take off the top of the enclosure on the USRP1 then you don’t
need a fan!

Your sanity should then return :slight_smile:


ahhhhh yes, i feel it coming back, slowly.
thank you :slight_smile:

m | |

ok so this has been working just fine at home,
but i am actually beginning to use the usrp in performances fairly
and you never know what might happen in such situations

so just to be on the safe side, i’d really rather replace the fan.

unfortunately i’m not having much luck finding the exact fan that came
with it in stock anywhere,
but i’ve found a possible replacement that seems to basically meet the

the only thing that doesn’t match up is the air flow
it’s rated at 3.9CFM rather than the cooltron’s 4.6CFM.

anyone have a clue as to whether or not this would be enough of a
difference to cause concern?

otherwise the specs look fine, and it’s supposed to have a noise floor
of 12 dBA instead of ~21,
so we’re talking roughly half the volume could really make a difference.

thanks in advance,

p.s. does anyone else have this same issue or is it just me? i’m
wondering if maybe it’s just that my fan is defective
20 dBA should be “a whisper” and mine seems to be much louder than that. | |

Yes I have. I disconnected it. In my opinion, it is overkill for
going on in a USRP1.


Ah good, glad to hear it’s not just me
Do you run it with the top on or leave it open?

Mark | |

Top on. Fire up the fastest card you have (widest band signal you can
process) and put your finger on the FPGA. It is cool.

If the oscillator in the USRP1 were most stable and accurate, it might
some sense but it just doesn’t in my opinion make sense so I
them all in my USRP 1’s.


Thanks Robert,
I hadn’t ever noticed it getting hot to the touch,
but I haven’t tried running it w/ no fan & top on either

Mark | |