Failure on symlink?

I’m deploying as root and for some reason I’m getting a failure in the
symlink part of the task. I have zero custom recipes. All that’s changed
in the deploy.rb is the server name and svn repo.

Any thoughts about why this might be failing?


  • executing task set_permissions
  • executing “chmod -R g+w
    servers: [“”]
    [] executing command
    command finished
  • executing “rm -rf
    /var/www/rails/greatwhite/releases/20070215170750/public/system &&\n
    ln -nfs /var/www/rails/greatwhite/shared/log
    /var/www/rails/greatwhite/releases/20070215170750/log &&\n ln -nfs
    servers: [“”]
    [] executing command
    ** [out ::] ln:
    ** [out ::] creating symbolic link
    /var/www/rails/greatwhite/releases/20070215170750/public/system' to /var/www/rails/greatwhite/shared/system’
    ** [out ::] : No such file or directory
    command finished
    *** [set_permissions] transaction: rollback

When you create the symlink, use the full path from the root.

On Feb 15, 10:12 am, “s.ross” [email protected]