Failed to install Globalize plugin

My envrionment is Rails 1.1.2, Ruby 1.8.4, MySQL 5.0.21 on WinXP. When I
run ‘rake migrate’ after pulling the lastest 1.1 branch of Globalize
plugin, I get the following error message:

(in C:/Rails/Application/medicalmind)
== GlobalizeMigration: migrating

– create_table(:globalize_countries, {:force=>true})
-> 0.2110s
– add_index(:globalize_countries, :code)
-> 0.3000s
– create_table(:globalize_translations, {:force=>true})
-> 0.1600s
– add_index(:globalize_translations, [:tr_key, :language_id])
-> 0.2310s
– add_index(:globalize_translations, [:table_name, :item_id,
-> 0.2200s
– create_table(:globalize_languages, {:force=>true})
-> 0.1700s
– add_index(:globalize_languages, :iso_639_1)
-> 0.2810s
– add_index(:globalize_languages, :iso_639_2)
-> 0.2200s
– add_index(:globalize_languages, :iso_639_3)
-> 0.2300s
– add_index(:globalize_languages, :rfc_3066)
-> 0.2910s
rake aborted!
Mysql::Error: Data too long for column ‘currency_format’ at row 1:
INSERT INTO globalize_countries (id, code, english_name,
date_format, currency_format, currency_code, thousands_sep,
decimal_sep, currency_decimal_sep, number_grouping_scheme) VALUES
(‘100’, ‘IL’, ‘Israel’, NULL, ‘%n â?ª’, ‘ILS’, ‘,’, ‘.’, ‘.’, ‘western’)

(See full trace by running task with --trace)

The table is INNODB type with utf8 encoding for sure, as well as the
connection setting in environment.rb. Anyone can help? Thanks.