Facing installation issues with GNUradio companion


I am trying to work with grc flow graphs. I downloaded the latest
of gnuradio yesterday and I used Marcus’s script to do it. I have not
connected my laptop with USRP daughterboards. I am just trying to see if
gnuradio companion was installed properly or not. I have ubuntu 11.10.

When I run the the dial_tone.grc program in gnuradio-examples/grc/audio
folder, it gives me the following error:

./dial_tone.grc: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token newline' ./dial_tone.grc: line 1:<?xml version='1.0' encoding='ASCII'?>’

When I open a new terminal and type gnuradio-companion, a new GUI window
comes up. However, the window only contains two blocks. When I click on
block group names (sources, sinks, etc.) in the right hand side, nothing
shows up. I have attached a screen shot of the flow editor GUI with the
email. Is it happening because the GRC requirements were not installed
my machine properly?

It’s probably a very basic question :S . Any feedback will be very



Muhammad Nazmul I.

Graduate Student
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Wireless Information & Networking Laboratory
Rutgers, USA.

The picture looks good. Try clicking the arrows.


Am 12.02.2012 16:41, schrieb Nazmul I.:

will you please send me full procedure to install gnu radio on ubuntu
i got a error massage
Cannot import gnuradio. Are your PYTHONPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH set
thank’s in advance
m junaid