Facets Series: Hash#rekey

With the release of Facets 2.5 coming any day now, I decided it was a
good time to start a series of posts on the all the goodness within.
It’s starts here:


Also, while I’m here, I recently posted this:


Curious about others thoughts on that.


On Nov 23, 5:34 pm, Trans [email protected] wrote:

Curious about others thoughts on that.


FYI. There was a problem with my rss feed (the urls were mungled). I
fixed it yesterday, but in doing so I ended up rewriting my entire
blog system. It’s now 100% dynamic and yet still file based. Fun fun!

However, this caused the urls to change. New link is:


The changed urls also caused Disqus comments to be lost, I’m not sure
if there is a way to restore them, but at the very least I’ll respond
to the original comments and reiterate their content, so no worries.


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