Facets / Annotations 2.0.0

Facets / Annotations

A Complete In Code Annotations System
by Trans and George M.


[ S y n o p s i s ]

Annotations provides a complete and easy to use system of annotating
methods and arbitrary objects.The annotations are defined in-code, not
in comments, so it is fully reflective without any preproccessing.

[ W h a t ’ s N e w ]

This is Facets/Annotations first release as an independent project. As
with all Facets’ subprojects it is included in the complete facets
package. So if you have ‘facets’ installed you do not need this.

Version 2.0+ is a major simplification over 1.0 series. Overall speed
is much faster and the notation more consistant. Where before one
would use “ann.attr_name.ann_name”, now it’s
ann(:attr_name, :ann_name). This change was inspired by Ara T. Howard.

There are two libs, ann.rb provides the ann method and ann_attr.rb
augments the common attibute methods to handle annotations.

[ E x a m p l e ]

require 'facets/ann_attr.rb

class X
attr :foo, String, :default => “bar”

X.ann :foo, :class #=> String
X.ann :foo, :default #=> “bar”

X.ann :foo, :default => “baz”

X.ann :foo, :default #=> “baz”

[ I n s t a l l a t i o n ]

IMPORTANT! This library is included in the complete facets package.
You do not this library if you already have facets installed.

You can install either via gem or tarball.

gem install facets_annotations


cd facets_annotations
sudo ruby setup.rb

[ C r e d i t ]

Trans [Implementation]
George M. [Original Concept]
Ara T. Howard [Suggestions]

[ L i c e n s e ]

Copyright (c) 2004-2007 Thomas S., George M.
Distributed under the Ruby/GPL dual-license.

Sorry, I overlooked a dependency for the annotations package. Should
have it fixed tomorrow.